Monday, April 6, 2015

BIG NEWS about this BLOG + Goddess sheet Winner

I know you have a choice when it comes to Embroidery designs, In The Hoop projects, sewing patterns and even reading blogs. At Sealed With A Stitch there has always been a level of commitment and genuine pride when developing new and clever projects. Thank you all for the kind words and support on the past few YouTube videos. A great deal of work goes into creating them and I can assure my followers and fans they will get even better.

During the next week many changes will be happening with Sealed With A Stitch. New logos, new fonts, check out the website homepage (new social icons) and most exciting of all is the brand new Blog called "Sew Sue...What's New". My Blogging will be more from the heart. Get to know me, Sue, on a more personal level. See my sewing space, my daughter Heidi, watch her grow, create, and sew. View the crafty world from my perspective. There will be a page dedicated to my viewers call, Ask Sue, where you can ask me any questions you want. On sewing, embroidery, serging, or even from a creative side. Then during my future blogs I will include the answers. There will be a place for advertisers to put place small ads. Consider if you are a small business yourself. I love to support fellow entrepreneurs. This might be a place to grow your name. Plus, all the YouTube videos will be easily reached right from the blog. Not to mention lots of tutorials: In the Hoop, designs, sewing and serging!

Starting a new blog, YouTube video series, running a small business and being a mom is a handful. These are choices I make each day. When I left my corporate job I was working 50-60 hours a week. Now I work 60-100 for myself. I don't complain, I love it. As my sister-in-law Holly (a fellow small business owner) says, "Sue, when you run your own business you get to work whenever you like...whatever 80 hours a week you choose". Then we laugh and have another cup of caffeine :)!

For me, the joy of being an entrepreneur comes from the satisfaction of having breakfast each day with Heidi (my kindergarten daughter) at her school. When I travel across this beautiful country visiting a city I've never seen to teach a sewing class. Then eat at a family owned restaurant and hear the story of how the dealer began her journey to becoming a quilt shop owner. Meet the new faces and watch their eyes light up when they see a Baby Lock serger thread itself. It's the honor of knowing each time I create something, from my heart, my daughter will know its for her future.

If you are currently subscribed to this blog, information will be transferred over to the new blog. If not, please join the new blog once it begins. Join our newsletter (which is a different mailing list) HERE If you get lost in transportation, Please go back to our website and click on the new link Blog.

See you later this week!
Have a Creative day,

Goddess Sheet Winner is Gail Beam
Gail just email 
with your mailing address and we will ship this right out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sue...Does this notion Really work? Plus Winners

First off, let me just say that I am in love with the Goddess Sheet. There are so many advantages that I continue to discover as I use it. Some might even call it an obsession.

My latest video, Sue...Does this notion Really work? is focused on the Goddess Sheet and teaching a serger project on what to do with it. The first half of the video is a demonstration on how to use your sheet.  The second half is an actual serger project teaching how to add a cotton band across the front of a towel. I do this with a new technique I call, Serger Applique.

What's wonderful about YouTube is you can pause, fast forward, rewind, and come back later when you have your materials ready. Get your towel from All About Blanks and check out all the adorable holiday themed items she has right now too. Find your Goddess Sheet from Sealed With A Stitch or your local retailer if you want to save shipping.    

Last weeks Blog winners:
Any (2) Single designs from SWAS website $10 value
Debbie Guest


Any Enchanted Collection of your choice
Kam Watson


This weeks Prize!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Enchanted Sweet Easter - Inspiration from Facebook Fans - Win some SWAS $$
New look of the covers - logo, font, style!!
Inspiration comes to designers in different ways. Sometimes I take my sketchpad and sit on the back porch with a cup of hot tea, relax and stare off into the lake...then it comes to me. Often times, I know what I am looking for but need to search the web for that first image to inspire me. Then there is the occasional walk through the mall, snapping shots at window displays with my camera for inspiration. Then going home and sorting through the images. That is the funny thing about being never know when it is going to hit you or what will be the item to jolt your creative juices.

The thing about anyone who creates, designers, quilters, embroiderers...we sometimes get a creative block. It is OK to admit that. What is even better is to know where to go for help. I am fortunate enough to have a large community of fans who can help me when I am in need. The newest collection was very much inspired by ideas that came from these three Facebook Fans whom I also call friends.

Kathy Patterson - Penny Wilber - Lucinda Culp With A Stitch's original Enchanted Easter collection, has been one of our most popular and beloved collections over the past three years. Since then we have produced nearly 30 new Embroidery collections alone, not to mention new In The Hoop and Patterns and Serge~Broidery patterns. Thank you for your continued support and watching our little family business grow.

Have a creative day,

 Some of the Enchanted Sweet Easter Designs 

Thank you to my muses!

Inspired by Penny Wilber
Inspired by Lucinda Culp
Inspired by Penny Wilber
Inspired by Lucinda Culp

Inspired by Kathy Patterson
Inspired by Kathy Patterson

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Name Fabric by Lisa Bee Winners - Crafty Duo announcement!

Check out Heidi Name Fabric
What fun it was hearing all the cool things you are all going to do with YOUR Name Fabric by Lisa Bee. Be sure to post the pictures on our Facebook page here.

The Lucky (4) Winners of the $5 Gift Certificates are: 

Sarah Hollansworth
Shirlee Emmerich Koehne
Diane W
Cindy Penton Anderson

Thank you to Lisa Bagley for donating these very generous prizes.

Don't forget the coupon code is Good until 3/15

SAVE10 for a 10% off any $10 or more order
SAVE20 for a 20% off any $20 or more order

Check out what Designer Abigail Michelle did with her Name Fabric by Lisa Bee below - Letter Banners by Abigail Michelle​  40% off for a limited time!
Check out my new Name Fabric by Lisa Bee! Can't wait to start using it!

Oh and look at this up coming collection "Trick or Treat Applique" Isn't it adorable! I am working with Baby Lock using the Cameo Silhouette cutter and this collection is part of  of a prize pack with the Designers Gallery Silhouette Crafty Duo webinar series Debbie Cleek was hosting. If you missed the webinars, not a problem, Baby Lock's amazing talent Debbie created these videos for you to watch on the Designers Gallery blog. For more information on these webinars go HERE
                                      Stay tuned by signing up for my newsletter!
When you do you get this adorable
Enchanted Dress form for FREE.

Have a Creative Day,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Name Fabric by LisaBee - Chance to WIN!!

Image courtesy of LisaBee Facebook Fans
Image courtesy of LisaBee Facebook Fans


Abigail Michelle Designs











Finding a new source of fabric is like finding a lifetime supply of Calorie FREE want to share them with all your girlfriends ~Sue O'Very

Image courtesy of LisaBee Facebook Fans

My latest discovery is not ONLY great for embroiderers, but fantastic for quilters, sewers and accessory designers. About a week ago I was introduced to this new company called, Name Fabric by LisaBee. I was dropping some things off at my sample makers house and she showed me this polyester material that had names printed on it. Some was printed all over the place, some straight across, some in horizontal and vertical (see examples below). It was soft to touch and best of all didn't wrinkle. Came in 18"x12" cuts which was a nice big chunk for projects. My friend Chris was going to make all kinds of things, use it in appliques, make some customized purses, baby announcements (like the one above), key fobs (like the one below), the options were endless. I was drooling and my brain was going all over the place. I wanted to know more.

Keep Reading ~ Chance to enter for (4) prizes below!

Image courtesy of LisaBee Facebook Fans

I couldn't help myself, I wanted to discover more and get to know the designer behind this amazing product. Better YET...I wanted to share it with my FANS.

Well guess WHAT...I am sharing with you the best kept fabric secret...You too can be apart of her network and find out all the insider tips and tricks on this exclusive Facebook group. Simply send a request - don't forget to say a little bird (aka Sue from Sealed With A Stitch) sent you...then you are  IN Like Flin!

Designer, Lisa Bagley and I spoke a little under two hours today. I enjoyed hearing about her amazing career and past experiences. She explained to me the process of how the fabric is created, what the materials are made of (polyester) and how anyone can TRULY create one of a kind fabric, and in essence become their own Fabric Designer!

She offers gobs of super FUN color combo options on her website like (Cotton Candy, Oh La La, or The Camo Princess) below. Not to forget the guys...check out these cool names her fans helped developed (Singin' the Blues and Lime Ahoy) just to name a few. If you are a WIZ at color combos yourself, then she has a "Create Your Own Palette" option. OH....I just thought of a good one...let me jot it down and you will have to wait and see :)

Keep Reading ~ Chance to enter for (4) prizes below!

Courtesy of LisaBee Etsy Shop
Courtesy of LisaBee Etsy Shop

Courtesy of LisaBee Etsy Shop
Courtesy of LisaBee Etsy Shop
Courtesy of LisaBee Etsy Shop
Courtesy of LisaBee Etsy Shop
Why is this so cool? Because we are embroidery enthusiast! We work in small spaces and love applique! We can use this to sew with, it is actually fabric!

Today I ordered two different panels: One ~ for my "In The Hoop Club" projects Second for a "Heidi, Spooky, Halloween" colors for an Applique project. So I am very excited to try out the materials and give them a whirl.

Act FAST Coupon Codes Expire March 15th:
SAVE10 for a 10% off any $10 or more order
SAVE20 for a 20% off any $20 or more order
Looking forward to see what YOU do with your Name Fabric by LisaBee!

Keep Reading ~ Chance to enter for (4) prizes below!

Have a Creative Day,

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sue...Does this notion Really work? Sew Easy Rotary Cutter - PRIZE ALERT**

We all have lots of rotary cutters, I soon realized when I took inventory. What I also realized is I treat my rotary cutters like I treat my scissors, use them on different materials. One I use only for felt, one for cotton, one I have set up with a Pinking Sear blade. I also realized I have a strange habit of naming my rotary cutters. But as many of you, I found that I tend to continue the quest in searching for the perfect notion. 

Let me introduce you to the Sew Easy rotary cutter. It is designed with smooth soft textured grip. Holds a 45mm blade. Has this awesome kickstand that forces her to stay in the upright position (which I personally think is super cool) and has a rather strong lock push button.

Remember I mentioned that I tend to name my rotary cutters. Well, I named this one Blue. Reason why is she has a pretty blue face to thing is she has a few sisters. They all have blue faces and her sisters have different color bodies. So check with your local Baby Lock Dealer to see what colors are available.

Wanna see miss Blue (aka Sew Easy Rotary cutter) in action then watch the video below, where Sue finds out if this notion Really work?

PRIZE ALERT**For your chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate Watch the video (on YouTube) Answer this weeks question in the comments (on YouTube)
What sort of Serger projects would you like to see Sue teach on YouTube?

Have a Creative Day,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New YouTube Series...What is the BUZZZZZ

Isn't it neat how some of the best ideas start over a coffee conversation. That's how this concept began. Two sewing friends chatting and one saying to the other, "Well Sue, does that notion really work?"

That only challenged Sue and gave her a great idea! What if she added a series of doing review/instructional notion videos to her lineup.

Today she is launching her first in the series:

Sue, Does that notion Really work? She is showing off the Oliso Iron.

Each week these YouTube videos will be on sewing related notions: how they work, what makes them tick, what she likes about them, maybe somethings that need to be pointed out and most importantly, Does that notion really work?

Go subscribe to Sue's YouTube channel, give her a thumbs up and ask Sue, does that notion really work?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In The Hoop Pencil Toppers Video Turorial

WOW! Talk about Fun, fast & adorable!! In The Hoop Pencil Toppers are just that and NOW you want watch a video. 

Subscribe to Sue's Youtube Channel and watch this super cool video how she whipped up one using her Baby Lock Destiny and used her favorite stabilizer from Bosal. 

For more AWESOME Valentine's Day Pencil Toppers:

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FREE In The Hoop LOVE Pencil Topper

 Enjoy your FREE design :)
Thanks SEW much for your support and following my Blog!

I have BIG plans this year for the Sealed With A Stitch Blog. 
More: Sewing, Serger projects, Software, and of course...In The Hoop!

I personally follow many blogs. From fashion to make-up tips to sewing.
One common thread I have noticed among the most popular bloggers are their business names differ from their blog names. This got me thinking, perhaps its time to change it up a bit.

What do you think of these?

Sue's Stitch Thoughts
Watch Sue Stitch
Sew Sue, What's New
Sew Sue

I am totally open to suggestions!

Obviously, I am trying to grown my blog followers. 
Having said that, what sort of things would you like to see going forward?

Don't forget to share this link with your friends. 
Encourage them to sign up for the blog too. 

Please NOTE: This will be posted for FREE only for a few days!

Have a Creative day,

More In The Hoop Pencil Toppers 50% OFF

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In The Hoop Valentines Day Pencil Toppers

In The Hoop Pencil Topper for FREE!

Once we REACH 100 blog Followers, EACH blog subscriber will receive a HIDDEN link to the Love Pencil Topper for FREE. 
Its that easy!

*Hint~If you got this as an email you are already a member (wink wink~ so tell your embroidery friends to go sign up)

How do I sign up?
Great question: There are two ways

If you are not on the blog ~> here is the LINK

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Thank you for your support! We will let you know when we hit 100 blog followers!
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